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Are Veneers Right For You?

Are Veneers Right for You?

Porcelain veneers are a widely popular cosmetic option for patients who want a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION AND NEW SMILE!  These veneers allow the patient to have the color, shape and size of their teeth changed in order to improve cosmetics.

There are several reasons that would make you a good candidate for veneers. Some include:

  • intrinsic staining that will not go away with bleaching,
  • old composite bonding that is failing or comes of easily or frequently,
  • small teeth that do not fill in all the space of the smile,
  • minimal spacing or crowding,
  • or an  uneven smile.

The procedure can include one tooth or all the teeth in the smile line, depending on the goals of the patient and what their bite will allow.

The procedure is easy.  Once the goals of the patient are determined, we have the lab create the new smile in wax. Once approved by the patient, the dentist and the lab, we can start the teeth preparations. The teeth will be minimally prepared for the digital scan and then temporaries will be placed while the lab makes the porcelain veneer. At the next appointment we will remove the temporaries and then place on the veneer to check the fit and the look of it. Assuming all these check out, we will permanently bond the veneer to the tooth and then take an impression for retainer or guard to protect them.

We have several cases that show the before and after of veneers at our office. We can do porcelain veneers or composite veneers. The choice is dependent on the patient’s goals and what your mouth’s bite will allow us to add.  If you would like to review some of them, come in for a free consult today!

Veneer Before/After Gallery

Veneer Before
Veneer After
Veneer Before
Veneer After
Veneer Before
Veneer After

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