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If you are interested in straightening your teeth, but are worried about the time it will take, don’t worry, we have a solution for you! At polishDENTISTRY we offer ACCELERATED ORTHODONTICS. That means that we can get you in and out of your aligners in half the time!

By using a system called PROPEL, you will be able to complete treatment in half the time. It uses your own biology to stimulate the bone and release stubborn tooth movements and accelerate treatment. This allows for greater predictability and treatment can be completed in much less time.

During the procedure itself you will be numbed, so there is no pain. We target specific teeth that will be challenging or require the most amount of movement. We use a topical anesthetic to numb the area. The procedure itself is painless, you will feel pressure in the areas that we are focusing on for just a few seconds and then it is done.  The targeted areas will stimulate the bone to make the teeth move faster. There is no healing or down time and if there is any sensitivity afterwards it should only be around for about 24 hours- and nothing that Tylenol should not take care of.

Here are some examples of cases and the time it took to finish them:

ORIGINALLY: 11.5 months

WITH PROPEL: 4 months

ORIGINALLY: 17.5 months

WITH PROPEL: 7.5 months

ORIGINALLY: 9 months

WITH PROPEL: 4 months

Call our office if you would like to talk more about PROPEL!!


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