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Removing Old “silver” Amalgam Fillings

Removing old “silver” amalgam fillings

A lot of people have concerns about their old amalgam fillings they have had for several years. These old amalgam fillings have a mercury component in them, that many people are concerned with. This type of filling appears to be silver in color, when you look at it your mouth. These fillings are called amalgams, because of the material used to fill it. As they get older they can crack and separate from the sides of the tooth and create problems. Bacteria that causes cavities can leak under the filling and cause a new cavity to form. Although this process can happen with any type of old filing, whether amalgam or composite, we tend to see this in amalgams more because they are usually the older of the fillings.  If this occurs, your dentist has to go in and remove the amalgam filling, clean out any decay and then replace the filling. Sometimes they are too big to do a filling and a crown is needed- this is determined based on depth and width and health of remaining tooth structure after it is removed.

At polishDENTISTRY in Midtown Houston, our dentists use an esthetic material called resin composite to fill cavities. We do not use amalgam at this dental office. Our composites are not only strong, but look like your natural tooth.  This type of filling is the tooth colored material that looks more natural. It is bonded to the tooth to create, not only a very esthetic and natural looking filling, but also have the strength to last many years.

Here are some pictures of amalgams that needed to be replaced:

amalgams midtown houston

(If you have read some of our other blogs on General Dentistry, you may be able to see some other issues going on as well! ;))

Call our dental office in Midtown Houston if you would like to set up an appointment to get your amalgams checked: 713-942-0101

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